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Saving Money this July 4th Weekend


July 4th weekend is upon us. For most, this means cookouts, time with family, sitting by the pool and, of course, a three-day weekend! All of this makes Independence Day one of the more enjoyable federal holidays of the year. However, with costs a little higher this year, you might be wondering what are some ways to enjoy the weekend festivities without breaking the bank.

In the below post, we have highlighted some ideas for how to save a little money this July 4th weekend while still having a great time!

  1. Invite friends over for a house party

It’s little secret that gas prices are higher than normal at this moment, so making a long road trip for the weekend can prove very costly. Start by having a few family or friends over for a cookout or get-together. Saving on travelling costs can be the most effective way to maintain your budget while still having a great time!

  1. Share food costs

If you’re going to have a get together with friends and family, suggest that the guests bring sides or snacks. This will help you from incurring all the costs of grocery shopping during this time of inflation. Taking advantage of any coupons or deals that might be local to you is also a great way to save some money!

  1. Don’t go all out on the decorations

If you are hosting a party over July 4th weekend there can be the temptation to go over and beyond on decorations. But this might be the year to be a little more resourceful. Utilize some of the past decorations you’ve used and don’t pay extra for American Flag plates or napkins, your guests shouldn’t be offended if you use the more generic white paper plates and napkins.

  1. Don’t go wild with the fireworks

This is probably the least fun suggestion we have to offer, but maybe this doesn’t need to be the year you show off your own firework display. Get what you deem essential, but maybe choose to enjoy the local fireworks instead. Your wallet will thank you later!

July 4th weekend is one of the more anticipated holiday weekends of the year, so make sure you take the time to enjoy it! Cost may be a little higher this year, but if you follow some of the advice listed above, you should be able to save a few bucks that could benefit your budget in the long run. Happy Independence Day!

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