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How to Avoid Unnecessary Traveling Fees


Many people enjoy using the holiday season as an opportunity to travel and get away from the normal hustle and bustle of everyday life. While there is nothing wrong with planning a fun getaway, you could get hit in the pocket more than is necessary, if you are not careful! In the following post, we have outlined some topics to take into consideration when planning your finances for a winter vacation.

Limit ATM use (if possible)

ATM fees can add up quick! On average an ATM fee withdrawal is between $3-5. So, if you use an ATM 3 or 4 times per trip you are just piling up unnecessary charges that you will probably wish you could have back later. However, if your savings or checking account is with CES Credit Union, check out the nationwide Alliance One Network of surcharge-free ATMs and the Shared Branching Network where you will be travelling. These credit union networks are convenient and can save you time, money and hassle!

Baggage Fees

If you have flights scheduled during your winter break, being cognizant of potential baggage fees can be a life saver! Most airlines will charge an overweight baggage fee and that applies to any luggage over 50 lbs. Making sure you properly weigh and distribute your luggage prior to arriving at the airport can save you around $75 per bag each-way.1

Phone Reservation Fees

Some may not even be aware that this is a thing, but yes if you book a flight over the phone you are charged additional fees for doing so. In fact, airlines will typically charge between $5-20 for booking over the phone or in person.2 Booking with sites such as Expedia or Hotwire will not charge any additional fees for booking over the phone, so booking online might be your best bet. There are many options out there for online booking, so do your research!

Roaming Fees

When traveling out of the country, paying attention to your mobile data is extremely important when trying to save a few extra bucks. If you intend to use your phone excessively while on your trip you will want to invest in a mobile phone plan that offers an unlimited international coverage plan. If you don’t, you will be stuck dealing with extra roaming charges that will greatly affect your bank account balance.

Have you monitored these additional fees when planning a vacation in the past? If not, we recommend you do so. Enjoy your winter vacation and come back with a little more money in your pocket this year!


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2 - https://www.smartertravel.com/how-to-avoid-booking-fees/

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