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Socially Distanced Summer Vacation Ideas


Life is beginning to get back to normal and it’s probably been a little while since you have had the opportunity to experience a traditional vacation. While more people are planning vacations this year, there are still plenty of precautions you should consider when planning your vacation. If you are uncomfortable flying and visiting crowded airports, then take a look at the below vacation ideas that will help you maintain a social distance and also attain a much needed getaway!

• Visit local

You would be surprised how many great destinations are within a reasonable driving distance from you! Do a little research and find some interesting outdoor experiences that you can take advantage of locally. Look for State Parks or good hiking trails, I promise you will be surprised at the amount of refreshing and rejuvenating options that are right in your own backyard!

• Consider a long road trip

If you own a comfortable RV or camper, this might be the perfect year to make a long road trip and visit some National Parks that you have had looming on your bucket list. Spending a vacation outdoors and enjoying beautiful scenery can be an incredibly rejuvenating experience after the past year of staying inside and being remote.

• Hit the water

In Central Ohio, there are plenty of lakes and marina’s where you can enjoy some boating this summer. Whether you have a boat or are just considering purchasing a boat, this could be the perfect year to take advantage of the lakes and water resources afforded to us here in Ohio. Getting out on the water this summer can be a truly meditating experience!

Enjoying the great outdoors is a perfect way to spend a vacation if you are looking to maintain social distance and achieve beautiful scenery! If you are wary of visiting the airport this summer, consider the options above when preparing your vacation.

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