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An increase of RV trips expected in 2023!


Since the pandemic, the RV industry has seen a sharp spike in interest among many Americans. Many vacationers found that it was a great way to go out and explore without dealing with all the restrictions and close contact with other travelers that you may deal with when traveling through an airport. And, according to a recent study, 2023 isn’t expected to be a year when RV travel dips. In fact, it is being reported that 61% of Americans plan on road tripping in an RV this year!1 That’s a 13% increase since 2022.

As many have discovered over the last few years, there are plenty of worthwhile benefits to vacationing in an RV. Some of the survey respondents cited the following as the benefits of RV travel:

  • No fees for extra luggage.
  • Easier to budget. Less unpredictable travel costs.
  • Not having to deal with other travelers.
  • Less barriers and fewer delays than when using other means of transportation.

Because of the increased demand, the biggest challenge for RV campers this year is renting campground. So while this increase in demand is great for the camping industry, it certainly means that prospective campers will have to plan well ahead this year before hitting the road. Others are using an RV for different types of trips as they have become increasingly popular among those attending festivals and tailgating events.

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1 - https://camperreport.com/rv-travel-trend-report/

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