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Keeping your home secure


Home security options are ever-evolving and for good reason. People are always finding new ways to break-in and enter homes as well as stealing valuable items from your property. However, many people don’t begin to think about home security until something happens to them. Don’t fall victim to complacency.

In the post below, we have outlined a few different ways you can help secure your home from potential break-ins and property theft.

Secure windows/doors

We’ll start pretty simple here, but making sure your doors and windows are properly secured is always a great first step to making sure that your home is protected from intruders. Installing a solid wood door can make it significantly more difficult for someone attempting to break-in to your home. And ensuring that you have strong, sturdy locks on both your windows and doors can improve your home security.

Don’t overlook your garage

This applies to those who have a garage attached to their home. It becomes easy to leave your garage doors open during the day and not think twice about it. Don’t forget that the garage is an easy entry point for someone to enter your home. Also, it’s easy to get in the habit of leaving your garage door open and forgetting to close it at night. Get in the habit of leaving your garage door closed!

Consider outdoor measures

When we think of home security we naturally think of things we can do in the home to make our house more secure. However, there are some simple measures you can take on the exterior of your home to help ensure better home security. Consider outdoor lighting as an option, whether that be motion detected or on a timer. Outdoor lighting can strongly discourage intruder from following through on a potential break-in.

Although potentially costly, setting up outdoor security cameras can also be a great way to protect your home. Often times they can detect motion and send an alert to the home owner through a mobile device. Additionally, it can help protect you when someone attempts to steal a delivery off of your front door step, which has become all too common.

Landscaping adjustments

This one is not thought of to frequently, but installing proper landscaping at potential points of entry can be extremely helpful in securing your home. Consider planting bushes with thorns near a window or really any type of landscaping that makes it more difficult for a potential intruder to access the entry point. This is a preventative measure that could prove vital towards your home security.

If you have tried any of the above methods above or if you have any other methods that have made your home more secure, let us know!

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