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AccessCU by Phone

person using ACCESS CU for banking

At CES Credit Union, we provide many ways to access your account, check your balance, or make a transfer. AccessCU is an easy way to have great control over your money from any phone, anywhere (and does not require a WiFi or Internet signal). You can call 888.397.0557 from a touchtone phone at anytime and follow the prompts.

First Time Users: 

In order to verify your identity, the first time you call in you’ll be asked to enter your account number, followed by your social security number. This will be the only time you will be asked to enter your SSN.
You will then be prompted to register your Personal Identification Number (PIN). For subsequent account transactions and inquires, you’ll always be asked to enter your account number and PIN or another piece of verifying information.

Quick Tips:
• Press [8] and the [*] key to switch to Voice Response
• Press [3] and the [*] key to return to the main menu.
• Press the [*] key to return to the previous menu.
• Press the [#] key to repeat an option
• Press [9] and the [*] key to enter a different account number
• Press [0] to be transferred to one of our representatives
• To end your ACCESS CU call, simply hang up.

Main Menu Options:
[1] Account balance
  • Access available balances on your CES Credit Union accounts
NOTE: Some deposits or debits/purchases may
not be reflected in the available balance)
[2] Account history
  • A list of last 5 transactions
  • A list of last 5 deposits
  • A list of last 5 withdrawals
  • A list of last 5 cleared checks
  • A list of last payroll posted
  • Search by check number
  • Search by check amount
  • Search by check date
  • A list of all recent account transactions
[3] Funds transfer or make payment
  • Transfer funds immediately between your accounts
  • Make an immediate payment on a CES Credit Union loan from a CES Credit Union account
[4] Make a withdrawal
  • Have a check prepared and mailed to your mailing address from your CES Credit Union account
NOTE: use the [*] key as the decimal point. For example, to enter $400.19, type in [4] [0] [0] [*] [1] [9]
[5] Stop Payment activities
  • Place a stop payment on a specific check or a series of checks
  • Perform a stop payment inquiry
[6] Change PIN
  • Change the PIN for your ACCESS CU (Telephone Banking) account
[7] Pending Transactions
  • Hear any future dated transactions for an account, such as an incoming ACH deposit (i.e. payroll deposit) not yet posted and available to your account, or an item (i.e. purchase at a gas pump) not yet posted to your account
[8] Branch Information
  • Branch location and hours