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Home Loans

Home buying isn’t something you do every day. We’ll help you take the right steps, no shortcuts. With sensible advice and competitive rates, we put homeownership in reach without over-reaching.
  • CES Credit Union offers low, competitive rates and generous loan terms
  • Our lending decisions are made locally, not in aonther state or by some algorithm. 
  • We offer loan pre-qualification, so you know how much house you can afford and you can house-hunt with confidence and peace-of-mind.
  • We offer refinancing of your existing mortgage, and we'll show you the math to see if a lower payment or term makes sense based on your goals and timelines. 
  • We will work with you to find the right home loan that is tailored to fit your needs and budget, and give you options to improve your home equity position over time.
  • At CES, you'll find sound tips and advice to increase your chances of getting the home deal or getting the best refinancing options.  


Below are the documents you'll need to assist in closing your mortgage loan promptly:

Residential Mortgages:

  • Paystubs (Last 30 days)
  • W-2s (Last 2 years)
  • Tax Returns (Last 2 years)
  • Bank Statements (Last 3 months)
  • Mortgage Statement
  • Stocks, Bonds, 401ks, IRAs
  • Other Real Estate (tax and insurance information)

For Refinancing Also Add:

  • Homeowners Insurance Policy


CES Credit Union now provides loans on Non-Owner Occupied Rental Properties

Multi-unit house photoRental property loans from CES Credit Union help you start and/or grow the rental business you have worked so hard to build, to maximize your income and gains in a competitive market. Eligible properties are 1-4 unit non-owner occupied residential investment real estate in Ohio held by individuals or business entities such as corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships.

Our CES Credit Union lenders are experienced, local experts who will help you find the mortgage that’s right for you.

What we offer:

• Flexible terms to fit your budget and business cash flow needs.
• 15 year term amortized over 30 years.
• Fixed rate mortgages are available, for purchase or refinance.


*Your rate may vary depending on variables such as credit score of borrower. All loans subject to approval based upon creditworthiness, qualifications and collateral conditions. Must carry insurance on the property. CES Credit Union: NMLS# 798565