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ATM & Debit Cards

man using debit card at atm.

When it comes to spending or accessing your hard-earned money, we know convenience is the most important feature.  Carrying a CES debit card with you makes an easy and secure way to make in-store and online purchases from your account.

If quick access to cash is what you need, you may obtain an ATM card to access savings and checking accounts at any office.

Your ATM or Debit Card allows you access to thousands of surcharge-free ATMs across the country in the Alliance One ATM network.

There are no transaction fees for debit purchases if you choose “Credit” for point-of-sale transactions, and there is no monthly fee for using your card.

Apply Online



Activation is easy! Once you receive your card in the mail you may activate it by calling 1.800.290.7893.

Lost or Stolen Card

To report your card lost or stolen, please call 1.888.297.3416. Please also call CES Credit Union at 740-397-1136 (or toll-free 800-397-1136). If you are outside the US and Canada, call 1.206.389.5200 collect.

As of November 1, 2023, fraud alerts sent by our processor will have a verification  process using a six digit code. This additional step is for the consumer's protection.  

Let Us Know Before You Go

If you are planning an extensive, out-of-normal-routine trip, please let us know at 740-397-1136 (or toll-free 800-397-1136) before you depart. Unusual spending on your debit or credit cards may trigger fraud detection algorithms that could block your card.