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Our Mission

Dedicated to the financial success of our members and the communities we serve.

Our Story

In March of 1933, Franklin Roosevelt took office and faced a bank crisis after the Great Depression. People worried about the security of their money and feared that banks would continue to fail. FDR signed the Federal Credit Union Act on June 26, 1934 which allowed credit unions to form anywhere in the United States.

In the summer of 1952, several hundred factory workers in Mount Vernon, Ohio expressed interest in starting a credit union. That September, the Cooper-Bessemer Employees’ Credit Union was incorporated as a not-for-profit cooperative.

Those factory workers pooled resources to help their coworkers. The first loan was to help a factory employee buy coal for the winter. After several years of volunteer staffing and using borrowed space in a small wooden building on Cooper-Bessemer grounds, the first building was built in 1962 nearby on Chestnut Street.

In the mid-1970’s, Cooper-Bessemer changed their name to Cooper Energy Services, and the credit union changed their name to CES Credit Union.

In 1982, CES Credit Union acquired two small branch offices inside Flxible bus factories in Delaware and Loudonville from a NY credit union. Those branch offices eventually moved into new locations, 33 London Road in Delaware (2004) and 3030 State Route 3 South in Loudonville (2008).

The credit union developed a loyal base, and the benefits of membership were expanded to workers and residents of several counties in Central Ohio, East Central Ohio and North Central Ohio. 

In 1996, a new center (with corporate offices) opened at 1215 Yauger Road in Mount Vernon. The Utica center opened at 8 N. Main Street in 2006 and our Coshocton center opened at 700 South Second Street in the fall of 2021 (after the merger of Coshocton Federal Credit Union in July 2021).


This year, 2022, we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of CES Credit Union in 1952. The credit union operated initially in various  offices on the grounds of the expansive Cooper-Bessemer plant on the west side of Mount Vernon, Ohio. 

By July 27, 1960, the Board minutes stated “ the credit union has been asked to consider the possibilities of moving from within the confines of the Cooper-Bessemer gates.” No one really seemed to remember if it was the members requesting more access to their credit union, or Cooper-Bessemer requesting the credit union to find a home.

On January 8, 1962, the 10 year old Cooper-Bessemer Employees Credit Union opened their first stand-alone, credit union owned building at 400 West Chestnut St., across the street from the Cooper-Bessemer plant in Mount Vernon. (That is 60 years ago this year.) 

The lot was purchased for $10,000 in 1961. A home on the lot was torn down and the new block building was built for $21,500.

Later in 1962, the credit union reached one million in assets. (CES is over $200 million in assets now.)

This structure is still is part of the existing Chestnut Street service center, at the corner of N. West St.  Several sources have confirmed that the drive-up window was the first drive-up banking window in the city. 

The building would go through a major expansion in 1988, more than doubling the office space. With some upgrades over the years, this location is now poised to capitalize on the development of the Cooper Progress Park, over 40 acres ready for future development within the city.