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ATM Locator

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CES is part of a nationwide network of ATMs

There's an Alliance One Network (Surcharge Free ATM'S) near where you live, work, go to college, or vacation or travel. In fact, beyond the CES Credit Union ATM network, the Alliance One network has over 5000 locations across the U.S., primarily at credit unions.

CES Credit Union members may use these ATMs with no surcharge. Look for the Alliance One logo to locate a network ATM, or visit the Alliance One website at https://www.allianceone.coop/. This website has a locator feature to identify Alliance One ATMs near where you are, or my be going.

Members may also use Plus, Visa, Mastercard and Cirrus ATMs also, however there may be a transaction charge from the ATM owner. CES Credit Union allows four free non-network ATM transactions per month with no fee from the credit union with a $1 fee per transaction for more than four per month. When using the VISA Debit Card, please note purchase transactions at a store that are entered as an ATM transaction (where your PIN is entered) will count as an ATM transaction. At stores, request your purchase be processed as a "Credit" transaction that requires a signature.

Credit Union Partners In and Near Our Market Area:
Here’s some credit unions in our area that are CO-OP Shared Branch partners and their ATMs are Alliance One ATMs with no surcharge. It’s two great ways these credit unions (and many others in Ohio and across the nation) cooperate to be convenient for you.
- Directions Credit Union:  Ashland, Lexington, Wooster, Mansfield
- Hopewell Federal Credit Union: Heath, Johnstown, Newark
- TrueCore Federal Credit Union: Heath, Newark, (Pataskala: in 2019)
- Pathways Financial Credit Union: Delaware, Marysville, Columbus
- BMI Federal Credit Union: Columbus, Dublin, Hilliard
- KEMBA Financial Credit Union: Powell, Westerville, Columbus
- Marion Community Credit Union: Marion
- Ohio HealthCare Federal Credit Union: Dublin, Columbus (including inside Riverside Hospital)