Switch Kit

We now have simple forms to help you switch your account to CES Credit Union.

But remember, at any time, any CES Credit Union associate will be glad to assist you. We'll be happy to mail or deliver any forms from this switch kit for you.

Click on these links to download a form for printing...

  • Helpful checklist to help you get started and what you may need.
  • Instructions; of how to complete the switch kit and guide you through a smooth transition
  • Change an automatic payment from an account to nowbe paid from your CES Credit Union account (like a car payment or insurance payment that comes out of your account)
  • Change an automatic credit to your CES Credit Union account that is now being credited elsewhere (like any Direct Deposit, or your payroll or benefit payment that is credited to your account)
  • A letter to close your account with another financial institution

If you'd like assistance with the Switch Kit, or moving any of your accounts to CES Credit Union, you may call your nearest office or email an account representative for help.