Collections & Debt Management


Occasionally, situations occur where your payment for a loan may be late, or an overdraft may go on for an extended period. If you find yourself unable to pay when the obligation is due, we ask you to call our Collection Department first. Our collectors are trained to work with the member to resolve situations and help when and where we are able, and may make payment arrangements that may help. Please call our collectors at (740) 397-1136 ext. 121, or toll-free (888) 397-1136 ext. 121 to discuss your situation.

Cosigning for a loan is a huge responsibility and not to be taken lightly. Cosigners can and will be called upon to make payments or pay off a loan at any time, especially if the loan is delinquent or if the collateral is questionable. The loan and the payment history is also reported on the cosigner's credit report, and can affect the cosigner's ability to secure future loans. The cosigner is also responsible for any unpaid balance on a loan after repossession and sale, or in any default situation. Please discuss the long-term and long-reaching responsibility of being a cosigner with a loan officer before cosigning any loan.

Unfortunately, repossessions do occur after reasonable efforts to collect payments are exhausted. Remember, the borrower (and any co-borrowers and cosigners) is still responsible for any remaining balance after the collateral has been sold in a repossession situation, whether voluntary or involuntary.

Presently, most repos are sold through a Columbus auto auction to get a fair and reasonable market price for the collateral. If we have a vehicle for sale thru the credit union, it will be listed here.

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Debt Management

If you feel the need for Credit Counseling, The NFCC (National Foundation for Credit Counseling) promotes the national agenda for financially responsible behavior and builds capacity for its members to deliver the highest quality financial education and counseling services. Call 1-800-388-2227 to speak to a counselor near you. Para ayuda en EspaƱol Ilama al 1-800-682-9832.

We know sometimes life will throw a curve, and it is difficult to gain control of your finances. The free services of Consumer Credit Counseling Service is available.

CCCS can...

  • provide advice on a personal budget and family money management;
  • assist those seriously in debt to develop a plan for paying bills within their means with the cooperation of their creditors;
  • help prevent debt problems by providing information on the use of credit, budgeting and family money management, and
  • educate the public in the wise use of credit.

CCCS is a non-profit program, and can be reached at (740) 349-7066 (Newark office number)  or (800) 686-2756 (toll-free number).