Visa® Debit Card

This one card will access your CES Credit Union account from any ATM as well as allow merchant or retail purchases to post to your share draft account. This quick, easy purchasing power eliminates the hassle of writing checks at stores. Now just use your VISA Debit Card instead of writing a check. (Be sure to write the transaction in your checkbook register.)

There is no fee associated with this card unless you use the VISA Debit Card in "foreign" ATMs more than four times per month. "Foreign" transactions would include ATM transactions outside the Alliance One and CES Credit Union networks, and also any purchases at stores where you use your PIN.

Retailers may encourage PIN transactions (where you enter your personal code in leiu of a signature, like you were at an ATM). However, it is best to request purchases made with your Check Card to be a "credit" transaction, where a signature enhances your "zero liability" stand. Usually, the point-of-sale purchase terminals (like at most retailers) will ask for a code, but if you press "cancel", it will then ask for a signature.

Over four foreign ATM or PIN-based (non-signature) transactions per month for a card will have a fee of $1 per transaction.


Your card must be activated before you can use it at the ATM or retailer/ merchant.

  • Can activate card by calling Card Activation at 1-800-411-6390
  • Outside the US and Canada, call (206) 352-3477 collect
  • Use Card Activation web site.....

PIN (Personal Identification Number) For Your Card:

These PINs were mailed to all cardholders. Use this PIN for ATM transactions and for
PIN-based retail transactions.

  • If you want to change your PIN or have not received a PIN mailer, you may choose a PIN by calling a toll-free line. Call 1-877-PHONPIN (1-877-746-6746).  You’ll be able to use your new PIN in about 2 business days.     
  • Don’t choose obvious numbers for your PIN. For example, don’t use portions of your phone number, SSN, house number or birth date that others might guess. Don’t write your PIN on your card or carry it with your card.

Reporting Lost/Stolen VISA Debit Card:

  • Call toll-free: 1-800-682-6075. Please call CES Credit Union also at 740-397-1136 (or toll-free 800-397-1136), then Extension 139.
  • Outside the US and Canada, then call: 1-206-352-3482 collect.
  • OR use the Lost/Stolen website:

Apply Now for a VISA Debit Card

A Note on Identity Theft . . .

Protect your card wisely, and only give your card number to a vendor or merchant you know as reliable and honest. Never give your PIN to anyone. If you do, you are allowing that person access to your funds. No one from any financial institution will ever call asking for your account number to "protect' or "monitor" your account. Watch your statements closely for unauthorized transactions.

For safety and security reasons, your card has a daily limit for purchases and cash withdrawals, and debit transactions are not covered under our normal overdraft protection program.

Occasionally, you may receive a phone call to verify a specific purchase where your card was used. Typically, the called will ask you to confirm a specific purchase for a specific amount, like "Did you purchase tickets on Southwest Airlines today for $345". This process is to verify a purchase is authentic. Your card number or account number will NOT be requested.


How will I get my card?

Simply fill out this application. We do limit availability of the VISA® Debit Card to members who have demonstrated an ability to manage their accounts and credit well. If approved, you will receive your card in the mail. Your PIN will arrive in a separate envelope a few days later, for security reasons.

How do I use this card at a merchant?

Most merchants accept the VISA® Debit Card and you simply present the card to the merchant when you are ready to pay. You may need to specify this is a "credit" transaction. Since the merchant runs the card through for "credit" approval to assure funds are available, they view it as a "credit " transaction.

However, the transaction amount is a deduction, or "debit", from your checking account. If you need to swipe the card yourself, specify the transaction as a "credit" transaction and make sure the amount is correct. You will be asked to sign the authorization and keep a copy to record the transaction in your checkbook.

Can I use this card in the ATM?

Yes, you can. First you will need to get a Personal Identification Number, or PIN, to access your account, but never give your PIN number to anyone else.

If you use any CES Credit Union or Alliance One ATM, there is no surcharge for any withdrawal. If you use an ATM with the VISA® logo, you may have to pay a fee to that ATM owner. CES Credit Union will waive our fee of up to $1.00 for the first four transactions at ATMs outside our credit union.

What if I already have an ATM card from CES Credit Union?

The VISA® Debit Card is an upgrade from the traditional ATM card because it allows for purchases as well. You can use the card like both an ATM card and a credit card combined, except the transaction amounts are debited or deducted from your available balance in your checking account.