ATM Card

Members may obtain an ATM card to access savings and share draft (checking) accounts at any office. (For security, we cannot issue cards by mail or phone without verifying the cardholder and obtaining a signature). CES Credit Union owns and operates thirteen ATMs in our market area. CES Credit Union members can use these ATMs with no charge.

If you have a VISA debit card it will act in the place of the ATM card.

ATM Locations...

Centerburg Laundromat, 28 North Clayton St., near the post office*

33 London Road, by Walgreens

Fast Freddies, S. Main at Columbus Rd., inside *

Inside Griller's Barbeque, 23349 Coshocton Rd*

3030 State Route 3 South at Wally Rd

Mount Vernon:

  1. 1215 Yauger Road
  2. 400 West Chestnut St.
  3. Knox County Service Center lobby, East High St *
  4. Harcourt Road, between Decosky and Goetzman dealerships *
  5. Inside Gault Cleaners, 855 Coshocton Ave., by Kroger*
  6. Inside Lannings Meat store, Newark Rd., inside *


  1. 8 North Main St
  2. Velvet's Ye Olde Mill Restaurant, inside * (Open May-Oct)
(* indicates for withdrawals and inquiries only.)

We are always looking for additional convenient ATM locations. Please let us know if we can help drive business into your business, or if you know of a good potential location.

Alliance One Network

CES Credit Union is part of a nationwide network of ATMs. The Alliance One network has over 4600 locations across the U.S., primarily at credit unions. CES Credit Union members may use these ATMs with no surcharge. Look for the Alliance One logo (above) to locate a network ATM. Click on the logo to connect to our Alliance One ATM locator.

Connect to the Alliance One Network

Members may also use Plus, Visa, Mastercard and Cirrus ATMs also however there may be a transaction charge from the ATM owner. CES Credit Union allows four free non-network ATM transactions per month with no fee from the credit union with a $1 fee per transaction for more than four per month. When using the VISA debit card, please note purchase transactions at a store that are entered as an ATM transaction (where your PIN is entered) will count as an ATM transaction. At stores, request your purchase be processed as a "Credit" transaction that requires a signature.

Lost or Stolen Cards

To report lost or stolen cards when we are not open, please call 1-800-682-6075 (including the VISA debit card).