Convenience Services

Money Orders

Similar to a check and often used for paying bills and invoices, money orders can be for any amount up to $1000. Money orders are $1.00 each at every CES Credit Union center. Cash or approved available funds are required to pay for the money order.

Use caution when accepting money orders for payment for any good or service, as many reports of "counterfeit" money orders have been circulated. Check with the issuer (like a bank or credit union) of the money order to see if the money order is indeed valid.

Direct Deposit

  • Direct Deposit Enrollment Form: Set up payroll automatic deposits.

    Please return this form to your payroll department for faster processing.
  • Government Enrollment Form: Set up retirement automatic deposits (i.e. Civil Service, Social Security, Veterans Administration, etc.).

BillPay Service for ACCESS Online Users

Why waste money and time getting stamps (which aren’t getting any cheaper, by the way) when you can take advantage of our Bill Pay service, a module of ACCESS Online. You can set up one-time and recurring (ex: monthly) payments to national companies, local vendors, and even individuals. Adjustments can be made in minutes and it’s extremely easy. Want to learn more? Click on the BillPay icon when you sign in through ACCESS Online.


Wouldn’t it be great if your monthly statements were automatically filed away and available to you any time you wanted to login and see them? They can be with E-Statements. Thousands of our members use this service today and the number continues to grow. You’ll receive an email  notifying you that your monthly or quarterly statement is available thru ACCESS Online as a PDF. Then you can view, print, or download the statement. There is also an archive of past statements for up to 3 years or more, from the time you sign up for the service.

The service is free and safe with safeguards built into the system to preserve the integrity of your account.
You may also contact us with problems or questions. We may request some verification in writing or in person to assure we are speaking to the account holder. Our number is 888-397-1136 or you can email OnlineServices and an associate can assist you.

Free ACCESS CU (Telephone Banking)

24/7 automated account access from your telephone and cell phone.
ACCESS CU is a popular, easy-to-use and secure automated telephone banking module for CES Credit Union members, and it’s free. All you need is a touch-tone phone (land-line or cell) and a personal access code. The ACCESS CU automated operator will provide easy-to-understand prompts for you to access your accounts and...

  • Check savings and checking account balances
  • Check loans balances
  • Withdraw funds from savings & checking accounts
  • Transfer funds for loan payments
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Check account histories,
  • Verify checks that have cleared, or deposits that have posted
  • Protect yourself against fraud

To use ACCESS CU 24 hour Automated Telephone Banking service, please call...

Local number: 740-397-0557
Toll-free in US: 888-397-0557

When calling, make sure you know your account number and 4 digit Password.*

*For first-time sign-in, you will be asked to make a 4 digit password. The SSN of the primary owner, or first owner on the account is needed for verification.
Note: Visa Platinum balance information is not yet available on the ACCESS CU service. To get your Visa Platinum balance information call 1-800-423-7503. This automated service will give you the following information: total balance as of date, available credit, date of last payment received, amount of minimum payment due and the date.

ACCESS CU Instructions

Incoming Wire Instructions

Wire Funds to:
Corporate One Federal Credit Union
Routing Number:  2440 8426 4
(The funds must go to Corporate One Federal Credit Union first)

For Further Credit:
CES Credit Union, Inc
1215 Yauger Road
Mount Vernon, OH 43050
Routing Number:  244180537

Final Beneficiary:
Must reference both the Name and Account Number

For any questions, please contact us at (740) 397-1136.