Fee Schedule

Membership Fee for Share Account (required, one-time fee at account opening) $1.00
Share Draft Overdraft Fee
(Includes ATM and Check Card overdrafts)
Savings Low Balance/Low Relationship Fee (per month) $3.00
Share Draft Overdraft Loan Transfer $5.00
Excess Transfer Fee (first 6/month free) $3.00

Copies of Share Draft Items

1 copy with normal delivery $3.00
1 copy with rush delivery $6.00
Do-It-Yourself copies through Access Online FREE

Stop Payment of Share Draft

For 1 item $15.00
For a series of 2 or more items $25.00
Do-It-Yourself Stop Payment with Access Online FREE
Certified Checks $5.00
Returned Deposited Item $5.00
Collection Item $5.00
Money Order each $ 1.00
ATM Transaction Fees (outside CES CU network)
First 4 monetary & 2 non-monetary per month free
Then each STAR Network transaction
Then each Plus Network transaction 
up to
Check Cashing Fee for Members
Free if combined balances of over $100
Free if under 18 years of age

Non-Member Check Cashing Fee for CES Checks Only
For checks less than $250 (each)
For checks from $250 to $1000 (each)
For checks over $1000 (each)



1% of ck $ amount

Wire Transfer of Funds

Send in United States
Receive in US
Send International


Check Printing with Direct Deposit
(One box order, Safety style available)
Free if member is age 60 and up or for Member Appreciation Program
Money Market Withdrawal (first 6 free per month) $20.00
Other fees may be applicable as well. Please refer to the "Important Information Regarding Your CES Credit Union Account" brochure for more information. Fees may change without notice.