Money Market

The Money Market Account from CES Credit Union offers a highly competitive savings alternative without locking up funds for a long term. There is no minimum time committment for Money Market Accounts (beyond any holds placed for checks to clear.)

Money Market Account holders will receive a book of withdrawals that work like checks, so you can write a draft from your Money Market to a third party, and the draft will post to the savings just like a check, and you will receive a monthly statement of your earnings.

You can now earn a Money Market rate of interest and have the flexibility of adding to or moving your funds with ease and without penalty. Please check with the credit union for the current market rates and levels, or click this link for current rates and levels.

The Money Market Account is also a safe choice, since in addition to being a well-run organization, CES Credit Union accounts are federally insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration.

The minimum balance requirement is $2500. (Accounts with balances below the minimum will receive the regular share savings rates). There are presently four levels beginning at $2500 and each carries a rate that increases with the balance level. Some restrictions apply.

See us now so we can get your money working harder for you.