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In just a few minutes, switch all of your direct deposits and recurring payments to your new account at CES Credit Union. This eliminates the hassle of having to contact each business and helps to ensure that you don’t miss a payment during your account transition.

Why Use ClickSWITCH?

  • Save time and hassle when you switch financial institutions. We'll take care of the details.
  • Securely and safely switch your direct deposits and recurring payments from your old bank over to CES Credit Union in just a few minutes.
  • Stop tracking down payments and filling out paperwork.
  • Just a few clicks and the switch is done. You'll save hours of time and have the peace of mind that all the details are squared away.
  • Track your switches and get real-time notifications.
  • Initiate the closure of your former account (without the awkward visits, phone calls and letters). 

How Does It Work?

  • Activate ClickSWITCH using your personal Activation code. Log in and with just a few clicks, you’ll activate this secure online solution.
  • Switch your direct deposits (like payroll or benefits you receive from an organization) and recurring payments (like your monthly insurance bill, utility payment or auto loan payment). Use your old account to automatically find and move all recurring transactions.
  • Get notifications as ClickSWITCH works for you. The online solution does most of the work for you, and you'll get notified when it’s done.
  • Once all of your accounts have been switched, you can even initiate the closure of your account at your old financial institution.

Get Started...

  • Call us today at 888.397.1136 or visit a service center near you to get started and receive your Activation Code.
  • Get Started! Already have your Activation Code? Visit https://cescu.clickswitch.com/
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Ready to get started?

How do I log in and get started?

  • Getting started with ClickSWITCH is easy! Once you’ve been enrolled, you’ll need the SwitchTRACK code provided to you during enrollment (from the credit union)
    OR activate your ClickSWITCH account through the Welcome Email you will receive (or have received) from CES Credit Union.

Where do I get a SwitchTRACK code?

  • CES Credit Union will provide you with a SwitchTRACK code form when you are enrolled in the service center. You can also get your SwitchTRACK code over the phone from a Member Service Representative or lender at CES if you were enrolled over the phone. 

How do I know if my payment or deposit has been switched?

  • The easiest way is to check the status of a switch is to look at the "Status" column of your ClickSWITCH account. Switches that have been completed and confirmed by your biller or depositor will display a "Completed" status. Switches that are still in process will display a "Mailed" status. 

What if I forget to include an automatic payment or direct deposit when submitting my switches?

  • You can easily submit additional switches any time! Simply log in to your ClickSWITCH account and click the correct tab in your Dashboard.

What if my switch isn’t completed and I miss a payment?

  • Monitoring your switch status is an important part of moving your account. It is advisable to keep enough money in your old account to cover each payment until the switch status for that payment has changed to “Completed,” or you’ve confirmed with your billers that your payment account information is updated in their systems.

When is it safe to move/remove funds from my prior account?

  • We recommend keeping enough money in your old account to cover each payment until the switch status is “Completed.” This is especially important for any payments that might be due during the 14 days after you initiate a switch.

Can I use ClickSWITCH to switch my bill payments?

  • Since bill payments are not automatically recurring, you’re not able to use ClickSWITCH for them. You will see a list of your bill payments in the automatic payment tab when you’re logged in to Switch Assist and can download this list to use as reference when creating bill payments at your new financial institution. 

How long does this take?

  • Typically, each switch only takes 90 seconds to enter the information. Most regional and national companies are already in our database, so they are easy to find. Once the company receives the form we generate, automatic payment and direct deposit switches typically take 5-15 days to complete. 

What if I don't have the information required to submit a switch?

  • If a data field has a red line on the right, that information is required in order for the switch to be submitted. If you are in the middle of a switch, you can "Save" it. It will save as an "Information Needed" status and you can either log back in later when you have the information, or contact CES for more assistance.