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Fee Schedule

Account & Handling Fees
Monthly Activity or Service Charge

$0 for Personal, Club & Organizational Accounts
$8 for Business Checking Accounts
$150 for defined Money Service Business

Savings Low Balance Fee: CES requires a minimum of $5 balance in your savings (share) at all times to maintain access to credit union benefits. $3 per month. Fee will be waived if your account maintains an average daily balance of $330 or more, open a checking account, become a VISA credit card holder, or have an open loan or line of credit with CES.
Online Bill Pay Fee $3 per month after 45 days of non-use. Fee waived if service is used monthly.
Insufficient Funds/Courtesy Pay Fee: CES pays an item when your account does not have enough money
Returned Item Fee: CES returns an item when your account does not have enough money
$29 for each item. Fee's are assessed at time of transaction and are based on available balance in account.
Checking Overdraft Loan Transfer Fee $5 per item
Funds Transfer by Telephone with Staff Assistance $1 per occurrence
Stop Payment Check: You request CES to stop payment of a check. $20 for one check.
$30 for a series of two or more checks.
FREE if member initiates and places the hold using Online Banking (ACCESS Online) or Telephone Banking (ACCESS CU).
Stop Payment ACH: You request CES to stop payment of an ACH item. $20 per item
Money Market Over Limit Withdrawal Fee $25 per occurrence
Deposited Item Returned or Cashed Check Returned: You deposited or cashed an item that has been returned unpaid $5 per item
Example: You deposit a check from someone who didn't have enough money in his/her account. The amount of the deposit will be subtracted from your balance and you will be charged the Deposited Item Returned Fee.
ATM & Debit Card Fees
CES ATM $0 for using a CES Credit Union ATM or any Alliance One ATM Network ATM to complete any transaction.
Non-CES ATM $1 per transaction. The first four monetary and two non-monetary PIN-based transactions per month are free.
ATM Withdrawal Limit $500 per 24-hour period
Replacement Debit Card & Visa Card $10 per card
Replacement ATM Card $5 per card
VISA Gift Card Issuance Fee $3 per card
Check Cashing Fees
Check Cashing Fee for Members $3 per check. Fee will be waived if member has more than $100 account balance with CES or has an active loan.
Check Cashing Fees for Non-Members $3 per check for checks under $250
$5 per check for checks from $250-$1000
1% of check dollar amount for checks over $1000
Miscellaneous Fees
Copies of Checks $3 for one copy, normal delivery
Certified Check: A official check issued by the Credit Union $5 per item
Money Order or Starter Checks (set of 8): Money order can be used as an alternative to a personal check. You can purchase money orders up to $1,000 $1 per item
Foreign Item Deposit $20 per item
Account Balancing & Research $20 per hour, one hour minimum
Account History Printout: Staff assisted, 2 weeks or less $2
Statement Copy (including VISA statement): Staff assisted $5 per statement
Administrative Fee: Account closed within the first 90 days $5
Christmas Club Early Withdrawal Fee $25
Expedited Mail Fee (for any service) $40
Bad Address Fee $10 per month
Child Support Processing Fee $5
Dormant Account Fee: An account is considered dormant if there is no activity for 12 months $10 per quarter
Legal Process: Processing of any garnishment, tax levy or other court or administrative order against an account $25 per item
Wire Transfer Fees
Domestic Outgoing: A wire transfer that you send from your account to another U.S. bank account $20 per item
Domestic Incoming: A wire transfer that is deposited into your account from another U.S. bank $10 per item
Foreign Outgoing: A wire transfer that you send from your account to a bank account outside of the U.S. $50 per item