Personal Loans

CES Credit Union lenders know there is no "cookie cutter" loan to fill every situation and need. Our lenders are trained to be responsive to your needs and find a way to satisfy your request in a professional and efficient manner, within reason of course. The policies and guidelines of CES Credit Union and the state and federal government may determine what information is needed to submit, underwrite and approve any application for credit.

Share Secured Loans

These are personal closed-end loans,which use your existing share savings account as collateral at a very attractive rate, usually 2% above what the deposit account's current rate is. . A share secured loan is a great way to reestablish credit since the rate is low and the lender is secured.

Unsecured Loans

When that emergency pops up, or a short term need for cash arises, let our lending pros help you with the flexibility that this type of loan can offer. Collateral is not  required (based on credit qualifications).

Line of Credit

Enjoy the convenience of a loan without reapplying each time you need money. Signature lines of credit are available on a revolving credit basis. Collateral may not be required (based on credit qualifications).

What does "as low as..." mean?

CES Credit Union recognizes and rewards members who have acted responsibly concerning their credit history and timeliness of payments. At CES Credit Union, when you apply we do everything possible to make sure the rate you receive is based on the merit of your creditworthiness and repayment history.

With all CES Credit Union loans, credit restrictions apply. Loan applications must qualify within CES Credit Union loan standards for approvals. If you are concerned about what your credit report may show, you can obtain a free copy of your report from each of the three credit-reporting agencies annually. Go to to see your report.

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