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Drive Off the Lot with Credit Union Financing


Did you know you can get credit union financing--right at the car dealership?

The process is designed so credit union members benefit several ways.

* First, as a member of a cooperative you reap the benefits of lower rates offered by CES Credit Union. Credit unions typically have lower loan interest rates than banks. In 2016, the average interest rate for a 48-month new car loan at a credit union was 2.61%. The average for banks was 4.55%.

* Second, it's quick and easy. There's a fast turnaround time when applying for a loan at the dealership, and the process is user-friendly. Also, there's a smooth flow of paperwork between participating dealerships and CES Credit Union. The accommodating business relationship will benefit you, the loan customer.

* Third, you have the ability to choose a variety of credit union financing options right at the dealership. The innovative lending approach clearly gives you--the credit union member--the benefit of choosing the option that's best for you.

We're still happy to pre-approve you for a car loan at the credit union if you like the flexibility of shopping dealerships. But if you're at the dealership, ask for CES Credit Union financing. It's almost always your best deal.
All loans subject to credit approval

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