Shared Branching

CES really has thousands of locations. Seriously.

From the east coast to the west coast, you can find a “Shared Branch” where you can make a loan payment, deposit a check, or make withdrawals from your CES Credit Union accounts. Simply go into a Shared Branch (you can find the thousands of other credit unions available by visiting, tell them you’re  a member of CES Credit Union (for clarification, our name is in the computer as "C E S Credit Union" with spaces). All you need is your account number and positive ID. Then your transaction will be processed at no cost.

All CES Credit Union locations can also service accounts from other Shared Branching partner credit unions.

Here’s a list of services available at a Shared Branch:

  • Deposit cash or checks (holds may apply)
  • Cash and Check Withdrawals (some cash limits may apply)
  • Make loan payments
  • Make transfers from and to any account
  • Purchase Money Orders, Travelers Checks, and Official Checks
  • Obtain cash advances and balance inquiries

The rules and regulations of the shared branch credit union apply and may limit the amount of cash back for certain transactions.

This service is great for college students, travelers and "snowbirds" wintering in the South. For the location nearest you, click on the link above.

You can also locate a shared branch by calling our locator at 1-800-919-2872. Have the city name, and a street/road name handy as well.