Fraud Alerts

CES Credit Union and other financial institutions have occasionally received reports of members and non-members receiving a message (either by text & land-line)  asking the recipient to call a phone number regarding their CES Credit Union card. The message says their accounts with CES Credit Union are suspended until the cardholder contacts a number not related to CES Credit Union. Then the cardholder is asked to enter the card 16 digit number into an automated system.  This is an illegal phishing scam and do not reply even if you have an account with our credit union. (If you do contact them and give your account information, please contact CES Credit Union immediately. Otherwise, don't call. The scammers then know they have a possible future victim at your phone number.)

The calls appear to be random. No data breach has occurred. These scammers blanket an area randomly hoping to find one or two victims that fall for the scheme. Most people getting these calls are not CES Credit Union members (some as far away as Marysville), and the credit union has no records for any of these numbers.

No reputable financial institution will ever call you and ask you for your account number. If you are concerned, call your financial institution only by numbers listed in the phone book and not by numbers given by the message or the e-mail.